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Alimony, Spousal Maintenance and Spousal Support

The terms spousal support, alimony and spousal maintenance are often used interchangeably. Generally speaking, it is referred to as maintenance by the Court. If you are not married, you are not entitled to spousal support.  Will you have to pay spousal support? Will you collect maintenance?  These are often questions only an experienced attorney can answer. Like so many issues in family law, there is no clear-cut formula. Each case is dependent on its particular facts and circumstances. Ideally, spousal support can be negotiated by the parties and their lawyers without proceeding to trial or extended litigation.

Having an experienced family law attorney is crucial to ensuring you receive the maximum amount of alimony the law allows. It is also important that you ensure you are not paying more than you should be. An attorney at Langley Law Firm, LLC can help you navigate the murky waters of spousal support. Whether you are asking for support for the first time or are seeking modifications to an existing agreement or court order, our attorney will help protect your legal rights.

Spousal Support Focuses on Maintaining Your Standard of Living

The purpose of spousal support, or alimony, is to allow both parties to have sufficient financial means once the marriage ends. The goal is to allow the supported individual to maintain a standard of living close to what it was during the course of the marriage.

Are the requests reasonable? Will the demands of one spouse leave the other unable to support their standard of living? What justifications can you use to seek higher or lower support levels?  An attorney at Langley Law Firm can answer these questions for you. 

Generally speaking, the higher earning spouse makes payments to the other, but the facts of every case are unique. The circumstances of each marriage are different. To fully understand your rights, you need to speak with our attorney, who can help you develop the right strategy for the outcome you seek while making sure your rights are protected.

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