Orders of Protection

An order of protection may become necessary when your family law dispute is in danger of escalating into a dangerous conflict, or where you are already in a dangerous situation. If you believe you need an order of protection, contact our office today.

Similarly, if you have had an order of protection brought against you, you need to defend your legal rights. In some cases, people have sought orders of protection as leverage in a divorce case or to “punish” the other person in the relationship. Whatever the cause, you need an experienced attorney representing you.

What is an Order of Protection?

Orders of protection, also called restraining orders, are used where there is a claim of actual or threatened violence against an individual. These are often used in contentious divorces and child custody cases when there is a history or threat of physical harm to someone. As a  family law firm, we often need to help clients secure orders of protection for our clients’ safety.

Similarly, clients involved in matrimonial disputes can have orders of protection brought against them unjustly. In that situation, it is our task to analyze the facts of the case and if the order of protection is not warranted, argue to have it removed.

What Does an Order of Protection Actually Do?

An order of protection (also called a restraining order or protective order) can protect you and your family members from someone who threatens harm or commits harm. In other words, if you have faced domestic abuse or have reason to fear such abuse, you can apply to the court for protection.

The order itself a legal document issued by a judge that orders the “dangerous” person to stay away from you and your children. The order may also require the harasser to stop engaging in certain behavior. If the person violates this order, he or she could face arrest, fines or jail.

An order of protection can require your spouse or family member to do a number of things, including:

  • Stop emailing, calling, and texting you;
  • Stay away from your workplace or home;
  • Stop emailing, calling, and texting the children;
  • Stop attempting to make contact in any manner including in person;
  • Stay away from the children’s school;
  • Attend a therapeutic program to address issues of violence, anger or addiction.

An order of protection can also give you the opportunity to safely obtain any property your abuser may be withholding from you.  Having our family law attorney secure a protective order for you can go a long way towards your safety and peace of mind. 

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